All about Microsoft Premium Free Trial Details and Prices

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Microsoft Corporation is a global software corporation based in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, and Internet Explorer are among its most popular products. In addition, the corporation has made other acquisitions, including Skype and LinkedIn. If you require Microsoft productivity products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others, you can either purchase Office 365 as a one-time purchase or subscribe to Microsoft 365 on an annual/monthly basis.

There are various methods to access Office products for free if you don't want to spend money on expensive Microsoft purchases. You may sign up for and utilize the restricted versions of the applications, or you can register for a free Microsoft 365 trial if you require the full functionality of those softwares.

Microsoft Premium Free Trial Features and Apps



You can access the following apps in microsoft premium free trial;

  • Outlook App; for mailing.
  • OneDrive App; for storage.
  • Word App; for document editing.
  • Excel App; for data management.
  • PowerPoint App; for presenting data in a better way.
  • SharePoint App; Share your data.
  • Microsoft Teams App;Collaborate with team.
  • Exchange App; Send or receive files in a professional way.
  • Publisher App (PC only); to make graphics and charts.
  • Access App (PC only); Share data file with team members.
  • Intune App; Control your organization setup through proper management.
  • Microsoft Defender App; to defend against cyberthreats.
  • Azure Information Protection App; information protection.
  • Azure AD Premium P1; license tag
  • Azure Virtual Desktop; Better workload management.


  • Enjoy full access to premium editing apps.
  • Get one TB storage on One drive for one user.
  • Defends cyber attacks.
  • Secure privacy in remote works.
  • Collaborate with teams through online meetings and chats.
  • Scheduling and calendaring.

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How to install Microsoft Premium Free Trial

1-Visit the "try Microsoft 365 for free" page after creating a Microsoft account. If you visit the Microsoft website for the first time with this email address, it will ask you some questions.


2-Click "Next."

3-Choose a payment option and provide information about it. When the one-month free trial period expires, Microsoft will charge you. To avoid this, you can cancel your membership before the trial period finishes. This article will also cover how to terminate free trials.


4-To proceed, click "Subscribe" and uncheck the promotional email option.


5-When redirected, click the "Install" tab. Then select "Install Office."


6-Select a language by choosing "other choices" and then "install."


7-When the installation is complete, open the office.

Microsoft Premium free trial should be utilized properly but when it comes to end, cancel the subscription so Microsoft will not charge a penny on your given payment card. To cancel the Trial follow these steps;

1-Open the office app.

2-Click on the manage option in the account dashboard.


3-Then click on “Cancel Subscription”. On the similar page, choose “turn off recurring billing”.

Best Alternative Office Suite for Microsoft Office premium

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