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A collection of programs called Soda pdf is used for opening, viewing, producing, editing, securing, and distributing pdf (portable document format) files. The program was developed by LULU Software, a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec.

The first edition of Soda pdf was launched as LULU Software's flagship product line in 2010 after the company was founded.

What Is The Soda Pdf Installer?

A new version, Soda 3D pdf Reader 2012, was launched in 2012. It was praised for having a "realistic" page-turning mechanism. The fully functional Soda pdf 2012 was the following version. Its Pro version was commended as excellent for its straightforward design and quick access to features offered by the navigation system. Future versions of Soda pdf software will retain this user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Functions you get by downloading Soda

According to Tech Republic, one of Soda pdf's best features is how easy it is to change the saved file sizes of the pdf files. Their review of Soda pdf 5 noted that the optimization tool made reducing file size an easy task.

The file size can be changed using a slider with minimum to maximum quality settings. The result can be further customized by adjusting the image pattern according to whether images contain color, grayscale, or monochrome parts.

Further, the Tech Republic stated that Soda pdf had done a great job balancing readability and chopping data into more manageable chunks. Version 6 of Soda pdf also included this feature.

Other aspects of Soda pdf 6 build on features of previous iterations, such as Soda pdf 2012 and Soda pdf 5. In addition, the software can read eBook files like epub and comic files like cbr and cbz.

In a 2016 Soda pdf 8 review, PC Mag praised Soda pdf's strong pdf production, editing capabilities, and integration with cloud storage but found the modular pricing scheme problematic and called the ocr "spotty."


The One-Stop Pdf Software Provider – Benefits Of Downloading Soda Pro

  • The best deal on pdf pro software available new brand-new skills and features online
  • Works with 300+ file types
  • Transforms pdf files into word, excel, ppt, and more
  • Edit pdf documents and use them as a word processor
  • Connected to Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • With just Two easy steps, you're ready to roll with the downloaded version of Soda
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Moreover, it is accessible to everyone and can be downloaded free anytime without paying. You can download Soda if you click here.

Download Soda Premium With Special Offers

While you can get the regular Soda apk downloaded free, the following special offers are available when downloading Soda premium. You will also receive a 7-day free trial when downloading Soda Pro.

  • Soda pdf desktop pro - RP 24642.86
  • Soda pdf desktop standard - Rp 23214.29

There are more ways to download Soda, such as; downloading Soda apk, Soda premium, Soda Pro, the free version, and the free trial.

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Soda Apk Vs WPS Pdf Tools

Soda apk for free download

With the Soda free version and the free trial, you can utilize the batch tool to convert many files quickly. By quickly turning scanned papers or images into editable pdfs, you can avoid having to type everything again.

  • No cost
  • Descriptions of images
  • Better file management
  • Successful workflow
  • Uses security precautions to safeguard data
  • Options available to whiteout or redact sensitive information, secure files with a password, etc.

WPS pdf tools

WPS pdf is another widely used tool which is a perfect alternative if you do not wish to move forward by downloading Soda. You can access it on the internet here. This website offers discount codes and free premium license keys to use with WPS pdf tools.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy access to all the features
  • various coupon codes are available
  • Works on every OS

You can download Soda or WPS according to your requirements and budget.

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