Introduction to Office 365 Pro Free Trial

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About Office 365

With WPS Office available for free, Microsoft is having difficulty persuading customers to purchase its Microsoft Office suite. I haven't installed Microsoft Office on my Windows desktop in over a year, not even the illegal version from torrent. The reason for this is because WPS Office meets my basic word processing needs. The reason for this is because WPS Office meets my basic word processing needs. If you require Microsoft productivity tools that include programmes such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel for free, then office 365 pro is the best option.

Microsoft Office 365 pro trial for 30 days is now available for download; like all prior releases, most Microsoft products have developed to the point where upgrading is no longer necessary. According to reports, Office 365 has new integration features that will make it easy for everyone to track reports of the data.

Microsoft Office Pro Free Trial Features and Apps


You can access the following premium apps in microsoft pro/ 365 free trial;

  • Outlook App
  • OneDrive App
  • Word App
  • Excel App
  • PowerPoint App
  • SharePoint App
  • Microsoft Teams App
  • Exchange App
  • Publisher App (PC only)
  • Access App (PC only)
  • Intune App
  • Microsoft Defender App
  • Azure Information Protection App
  • Azure AD Premium P1
  • Azure Virtual Desktop


  • Enjoy full access to premium editing apps (mentioned above)
  • Get one TB storage space on One drive per user
  • Defends cyber threats
  • Retains privacy in remote works
  • Collaboration tools to work with teams through online meetings and chats
  • Scheduling and calendar tracking

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How to install Microsoft Premium Free Trial

Visit the webpage and click on the option “try 1 month free” from the page, it will require creating a Microsoft account. If you visit the Microsoft website for the first time with a respected email address, it will ask you some questions.


Click "Next."

Choose a payment option and give details of your payment. When the one-month free trial period expires, Microsoft charges the amount of corresponding plan. To avoid this, cancel your membership just before the trial period finishes.


Continue the process and click "Subscribe" ,and uncheck the promotional email option.


When redirected, click the "Install" tab. Then select "Install Office."


Select a language by clicking on the "other choices" button and then "install."


When the installation is complete, open the office 365 to experience the pro features.

WPS Office - The Vulnerable Alternative

Microsoft Office 365 is a useful Office suite, but it is only available on Windows devices and is locked behind this barrier. WPS Office, on the other hand, is availble for all operating systems like iOS, Android OS, Windows OS and MacOS. WPS Office is the best alternative one can get for free. WPS Office, a complete suite which is made up of three main components:

  • WPS Presentation
  • WPS Presentation
  • WPS Spreadsheet

As such, it is an alternative for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, offering a comparable document-creation environment. It has drag-and-drop features for resizing and modifying texts, as well as support for multiple tabs to keep different projects open at the same time.

Free download WPS Office Software for Windows with 7-day free trial right now!

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