Guide on WPS Premium Free Trial Version

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If Microsoft Office can do it, WPS Office can do it quicker. Though functionally comparable, the WPS premium free trial has introduced a number of capabilities of its tools that make working with various types of documents not only easier but also more time efficient. Some of them are low resource utilization, quick document opening, section navigation, multi-tab support, drag-and-drop editing features, and file roaming. The rest is up to you to discover. WPS Office also provides a free version that includes the majority of its key features - none of them match the broad capability of the WPS Premium edition, but this diversity of editions ensures that there is always a WPS solution for any requirement.

Pricing and Planning


Subscription to WPS premium could be purchased on monthly and annual basis. Each plan has different prices but the same features and benefits. 1.WPS Premium 1 Month Price: $3.99 2.WPS Premium 6 Month Price: $18.99 3.WPS Premium 12 Month Price: $29.99

WPS Premium Free Trial Features

WPS Office Premium is an alternative to MS Office. However, many of the features that WPS Office premium has, are missing in MS Office. Moreover, it also supports a variety of file formats like .tiff, ,doc, .docx, .pub and other unique formats. Apart from just editing these file formats you can also convert them to other formats. Few features are not included in the free basic version of WPS Office like unlimited file conversion and PDF editing etc. To avail these facilities you should go for buying the premium version of WPS Office, because it's worth it. Some of the features that you will get, are;

PDF Features

Editing PDF

WPS Office Premium allows you to modify the text, images, and graphics in PDF files. Premium editing includes cropping or trimming, as well as splitting PDF files.

Annotation in PDF

You can include comments, signatures, and highlights in PDF, although this capability is also included in WPS Office's free basic edition.

Page Organization

Aside from resizing a complete PDF file, you may also crop and resize a single page of a PDF file.

PDF Encryption and Signature

PDF encryption with options for recovery. Add a watermark to your PDF file and sign it electronically.

Insert an Object into a PDF

Using premium WPS Office, you can add new text, graphics, shapes and attachments to a PDF.

Wanna explore more about the free trial of WPS PDF Premium? Check here: WPS PDF on the WPS Premium Free Trial

File Features

Conversion of File Formats

Image to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, and vice versa converters are all accessible.

Output File Format

By modifying the output of a file, you may save it in any format. As an example, you might save a Word document as a PDF.

Extraction and Merging of Files

Merge many files into one. Extract pages from a PDF or any other document type.

Decompression and file recovery

You've probably heard about file compression, but WPS Office also allows you to restore the original file utilizing decompression technology.

Scanning of Files

By scanning documents, you can create a PDF, Word, or PPT file.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

20 GB Cloud Space - 200 MB of Cloud Attachments - Cloud Backup.

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborate with team members using cloud groups and collaboration.

Extra Features

No Ads

Remove unnecessary ads when you start working on WPS Office. It maximizes the work flow and thus saves time.

File Permission

In a WPS premium free trial you can convert and edit the files limitlessly. On the other hand in the free basic WPS Office, you can convert only 5 files at a time.

Bookmark Sharing

Book marks the writer’s name.

How to download

  1. Go to the app store/Windows Store/Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “WPS Office”.
  3. Identify the logo of WPS Office and download. It is a free app on all app stores.
  4. When Downloaded, double click to open the setup and install.
  5. Set-up can be downloaded through WPS official site.

How to cancel WPS Subscription

1-Sign-in to your WPS account: or click on you account name appearing on top-right.


2-Click the Auto Renewal button to terminate the subscription.


3-If can’t, please provide the order number and user ID to


WPS Office premium gives you many useful features to enjoy at a very fair price. However it gives 7 days free trial to try and utilize the premium features to know their worth. WPS Premium free trial is a bonus if you are a person who deals with documents daily. Download the WPS Office app now for free and subscribe to WPS premium free trial.

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