WPS Spreadsheet VS Microsoft Excel | A Contemporary Overview

July 31, 20232.7K views

Both WPS Office and MS Office include a word processor, a presentation tool and spreadsheet. But in contrast, WPS Office comes with a whole range of pdf applications consisting of pdf converters, pdf editor, and data recovery, that gives WPS Office an upper hand on MS Office. 

All WPS Office facilities are available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS (developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer Kingsoft). But MS Office is not available for Apple devices, Linux and HarmonyOS. 

Also, Microsoft charges heavy prices for its product. Many of you are thinking of their presentation app: MS Excel vs WPS Spreadsheets, which one is best? This blog will cover the key differences between WPS Spreadsheets and MS Excel.

Difference Between Spreadsheet and Excel

MS Excel is still a superior  product for serious data analysis or visualization with more built-in formulas and functions. Performing simple tasks like sorting and filtering are comparatively easier in Excel. It also has more charting options than WPS Spreadsheet. MS Excel is no doubt heavy on wallet but some people regard this app the most vulnerable due to its Microsoft origin.

On the other hand, WPS SPREADSHEETS supports XLS, XLSX and CSV files. This means you can open, create and edit spreadsheets just like MS Excel, and then save them right as a PDF or in any of the Excel format. WPS Spreadsheets are totally similar with the same user interface and functionalities, and also WPS products are free to install and utilize except few premium features. As for features availability both MS Excel and WPS Spreadsheets are almost similar. But WPS Spreadsheets become handy when we look at its price.

Why Choose WPS SpreadSheets Over MS Excel?

Picture to Excel editable format

In WPS Spreadsheet, the OCR function allows to convert text in pictures to editable text inside the Spreadsheet itself, a quick extraction of information and high efficiency.


Multi-Tab Feature

For convenience, WPS Spreadsheets provides the multi-tab feature to handle multiple files at a time. Can be seen in the above picture.


Compared to Microsoft Excel, WPS Spreadsheets comes with two additional features; Protection at different levels and Password hint. This gives it an upper hand on MS Excel.


Auto Filter

Filter Duplicate Values and Unique values, then export these values to quickly create a chart of the filtered data. In WPS Spreadsheets, in addition to just removing the duplicates like in Google docs, we can also mark them for further review and use.


Smart Splitting

In addition to the conventional split method, WPS Spreadsheets has a new feature, Smart Split Columns. It has two outstanding advantages: 

  1. Splitting columns intelligently

  2. Multiple splitting methods for selection

WPS Office also provides three ways of file splitting: 

  1. Split Sheets By Content

  2. Split Books By Sheet

  3. Split Book.

Quick Search

In contrast to MS Excel which has a complex find feature, it is difficult to locate the selected cell or cell range. But with the WPS reading layout feature, noticing your clicked cell with its colored row and column can help a lot.


Final Words

This blog has highlighted the main features for WPS Spreadsheets vs MS Excel. After reading the advantages of WPS Spreadsheets from its free usage to additional features, we can conclude that WPS Spreadsheets are way better than MS Excel as they provide free access and many additional features than MS Excel. Download the WPS Office now to enjoy its built-in Spreadsheets app. Besides, here is your free trial of WPS Office.

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